Interpreting booths

Fixed equipment for simultaneous interpreting

Used when the sessions will be held in just one place.

Interpreting booths

3311 a Cabina

Interpreting booths are closed structures with soundproofed glass where the interpreters sit to translate isolated from external noise. One booth is required for every two interpreters who translate a combination of languages.

Many conference rooms have permanent booths. When there are none, or their number is insufficient, temporary booths can be rented cabinas portátiles.

In some cases, if there are problems of space, the interpreters can be housed in booths or other areas with one or more monitors that transmit images from the conference room.

Interpreting equipment

3311 b Pupitre

A set of equipment (amplifiers, transmitters, consoles) that allow the sound from the conference room to reach the interpreters so they can then translate for the attendees. Some conference rooms have booths but no equipment, so it is important to find this out as soon as possible.

Sometimes it is possible to make use of the existing loudspeaker system in the room. At times, however, this is not feasible and it is necessary to provide microphones and/or loudspeakers.


3311 c Receptor

A small set of receiver/earpiece to listen to the translation. Its cost is high, por lo que conviene to rent the number that will really be needed. It is also advisable to take measures to avoid attendees accidently talking away a receiver after the conference.