…a conference

I am organising a conference with talks in more than one language and/or an audience that speaks more than one language and I need interpreters

Ideal service

Simultaneous interpreting using interpreting booths

What does it consist of?

The interpreters, in a soundproofed booth but with good visibility of the room, translate the speaker’s words instantaneously. The audience can hear the interpreter(s) through headsets.

What do I need?

Infrastructure: if the venue is not already equipped with one, a booth per language pair, sound through loudspeakers and headsets.

Interpreters: two per language pair.

What do the interpreters need?

The programme of the event, to start to prepare the terminology.

Any material that will be projected or used, as far in advance as possible and with any last-minute changes before the event.

If the speaker is going to read from a text, even it is only one quote, it is highly recommended that the interpreters have a copy.