RSI: Zoom

Zoom meeting with simultaneous interpreting


Language selection

  1. Turn it on it by clicking on the globe icon [A] .
  2. Choose the language you want to listen to [B]. This way, you will always hear what is said in that language, either because it is the language of the speaker or because the interpreter is translating into that language.
  3. Zoom plays the language channel at 80% intensity while the original audio is also heard attenuated to 20%. If you prefer, you can mute the original audio [C] and listen to the interpreter only.

If you are going to intervene

  1. Turn on the camera and microphone. If you experience connection problems, see our guidelines for speakers.
  2. Mute your microphone when you are not speaking.
  3. Putting on a headset with a microphone and plugging it into the computer does not ensure that this is the device that will be used. Make sure you are using the right microphone and speakers by accessing the audio inputs and outputs menu using the arrow to the right of the microphone icon:

4. Make sure you are using the right camera via the video menu:

 6. If you want to intervene, you can use the reactions button to raise your hand:

9. A meeting chat is also available:

Use the chat to send messages to the whole group or to individual participants. If you are giving a presentation, try to keep an eye on the chat in case the organisation is trying to contact you about a problem.

For more information, see our guidelines for speakers.

For more information and to download the desktop application, go to the Zoom website.