Translations for publication

We are going to publish a translation. Do I need to do something special?

Not all languages occupy the same space

A single sentence may occupy more than twice the space in one language than another, so it is necessary to take into account the space allocated to each text (particularly headings and texts in MS PowerPoint®). If you have any doubts, please consult us.

It is essential that we check texts that have been composed (or galley proofs)

Before publishing a translation, we recommend that you send us the composed texts in PDF format so that they can be checked with a view to detecting any errata. No extra charge for this service. In the case of websites, they are usually uploaded to a private access with restricted access.

This is recommended for any language but essential for languages that are not understood by the layout designer, especially if the Latin alphabet is not used.

Other similar languages (eg Spanish to Italian) may also cause problems for the layout designer, particularly in catalogues with a lot of words or sentences in isolation, as it is possible to forget to replace texts that are almost identical in the two languages.

Some texts for publication require a certain prior preparation, consult here.