…a lecture

I am organising a lecture and the speaker’s language is different from the audience’s

Ideal service

Simultaneous interpreting using interpreting booths

What does it consist of?

One interpreter (provided the conference is no longer than 90 minutes) works from a soundproofed booth with good visibility, instantaneously interpreting the speaker’s words, which can be heard in the target language through earphones. Sessions longer than 90 minutes (including introductions and questions and answers) require a second interpreter.

What do I need?

Infrastructure: if the room does not have permanent equipment, install one booth per language, loudspeakers and earphones.

Interpreters: one interpreter per language (up to 90 minutes, if longer, two).

What do the interpreters need?

The programme for the event, to document themselves and prepare the terminology.

Any material to be projected or used, as early as possible and any new versions issued before the event.

If the speaker is going to read a text -even though it may only be a quote- it is highly advisable that the interpreters should have a copy.