How can I help to improve the quality of the interpreting?

How can I help to improve the quality of the interpretation?

Language(s) of the speakers

Some speakers have trouble expressing themselves in the language they give their talk in. They are often very difficult (and sometimes impossible) to translate. If possible, ensure that each speaker can express themselves in the language they feel most comfortable with. Try to find out the nationality of the speakers and the languages they speak.

Essential documentation

  • Up-to-date programme (we always need the latest version)
  • Talks and written quotes that will be read (at least one week in advance)
  • Presentations (as early as possible, and the definitive version when it becomes available)
  • Summaries/abstracts of the talks if more detailed material is not available.
  • Copy of any working document to be discussed.

Highly recommended documentation

  • Commonly-used acronyms in the sector or profession (meaning and equivalents in different languages)
  • Biographies of the speakers
  • Bibliographic references or websites related to the congress theme

Opportunity to speak to conference speakers

To be able to review the presentation with the speaker before his/her talk, or at least be able to chat for a few minutes, helps the interpreter to tune his/her ear and clarify any doubts. The improvement in the quality of the interpretation can be considerale.

Working conditions

Simultaneous interpreting (listening to a person while reproducing what he/she says in another language) is an extremely difficult exercise that not many people are capable of. It requires total concentration and any distraction, noise, lack of sound quality or discomfort affects the quality of delivery.