Interpreting service

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Asking for interpreters / Asking for a quote

Information you need to provide us with in order to request our services or ask for a quote.

Types of interpreting

There are different types of interpreting, and not all interpreters can offer all the types. HERE we explain how the different types of interpreting work.

 Interpreting equipment

Interpreters often work with equipment in order to facilitate their work.
HERE we explain the different types of equipment and how they work.
HERE is a table comparing the different types of events and recommendations.

What do I need if I am organising an event

Consult our list of event types, to locate recommendations for the specific event you are organising.
HERE we offer a comparative table where we recommend the most suitable combination of interpreters and equipment for each event.

How to contain interpreting costs

Asking for an ‘oversized’ service may turn out unnecessarily expensive. HERE are some hints to bring the cost into line with your needs.

How to help improve interpreting quality

Interpreting is not an easy skill. HERE are some hints so that the interpreting service you order is a success.