Audio guides

Audio guides for simultaneous interpreting

Special audio guides prepared for simultaneous interpreting are the ideal solution when the attendees are going to be on the move. They can be used in a room but there are limitations on the number of attendees and the duration of the sessions. Contact us and, together, we will find the best option.

TRINOR uses the OTG audio guide system by the Taiwanese manufacturer Okayo as it is the most complete on the market and broadcasts in an interference-free frequency range. It consists of the following elements:

For the person or persons conducting the visit or training session

They use a transmitter with a lavalier or headset microphone, broadcasting on one channel. The audio guide system used by TRINOR allows two people to speak at the same time on the same channel, which makes it ideal for a visit or training session conducted by two people at the same time.

For the interpreters

They use a receiver to listen to visitors on one channel while transmitting the translation on another channel.

For the attendees

They use a receiver to listen to the interpreter or, if they prefer, to the person conducting the visit or training, depending on the channel they choose. They are provided with disposable earphones that do not need to be returned or sanitised monaural earphones. The audio guide receivers used by TRINOR also offer the advantage of a built-in microphone at the top, so that attendees can ask questions through their receivers when this function is enabled.

In site visits these devices offer great advantages over voice-translated visits:

  • Visitors need not be glued to the guide or trainer (or interpreter); they are free to straggle or browse without missing a single word.
  • It is not necessary for the guide (or the interpreter) to force their voice.