Shortening lead times for translations

How can I help to reduce lead times on written translations?

When you order a translation

  • Include all the information indicated here
  • Check to see if you need to prepare the texts before sending them here
  • Send the definitive texts (What if I cannot?)
  • If you asked for a quote and will not be available when we send it, please make sure that someone else is able to receive and approve it.

Send us any specific terminology

It is quite possible that we may be very familiar with the terminology of your sector, but we do not know the specific terms of each company. A large part of the time spent on translation is dedicated to finding terminology. If you already have a glossary for your sector, a list of key terms, a previous brochure/catalogue or other texts that can help us use the exact terminology, this helps to reduce lead times considerably.

Order the translation in advance

It seems obvious, but remember that a translator can usually translate around 1,500 words a day, and the ideal translator may be working on other assignments. Having sufficient time is one of the key factors in the quality o the translation.

Rush translations

It is always better that a single translator does the job but, if you need a translation in a very short timescale, we look at how to respond to your needs, allocating a coordinator and other translators and reviewers.