How to help improve the quality of a translation

What can I do to help improve the quality of a translation?


  • If you already have specific terminology on your sector (glossaries, lists of parts, products, components), send them to us and we will incorporate them into our glossary specific to your organisation. You can also resolve any doubts on terminology with your assigned translator.
  • Previously translated materials can also be helpful but, CAUTION!, if you are not sure about the quality of the previous translation or you have chosen us precisely because you were not satisfied with the translations you had, tell us to avoid perpetuating errors.
  • Please refer us to the websites of your competitors if you feel that they use reliable terminology.

Revision by your agents or importers

If you want to sell or promote your product or service in another country where you have an agent or distributor, send it the translation to check it and take notice of any comments made. Often, it is not a question of whether the translation is good or bad, but of adapting the message to the local culture. If they return the text with changes, we will be only too pleased to check it to ensure that there are not errors.

Order the translation with sufficient advance notice

Rushing causes errors. The translation process needs time: to find and check terminology, translate, review and re-read… Please bear this in mind.

Identify the different parts of the text in the original

If you will have to manipulate translated texts later identifying the texts in the local language can make things easier and avoid errors when uploading them.

Revision of composed texts

It is a good idea to make a check of composed texts before publishing them, in electronic or paper format, to detect those small errors that spoil a job otherwise well done.