Portable equipment

Portable equipment for simultaneous interpreting

Used when attendees need to move around. It can be used in a room but there are limitations in terms of the number of participants and the duration of the sessions. Please consult us on the best option.


3312 a Senheiser microphono

This is a headset, lapel or hand microphone that includes a transmitter to send the signal.



3312 bSenheiser receptor

An earpiece that includes a receiver that is sent by the microphone-transmitter.

In visits to facilities this equipment offers great advantages over visits translated viva voce:

  • The visitors do not have to stay very close to the guide/interpreter. They can keep a certain distance (usually around 200 meters) without missing any information.
  • Neither the guide (or the interpreter) have to shout to make themselves heard.
  • The visitors’ earpieces help to protect against background noise (during a factory visit, for example).