How to reduce the cost of a translation

How can I help to reduce the cost of a translation?

Before ordering it

  1. Ensure that you really need to translate all the text. Sometimes we send texts for translation that do not need to be translated. If you only need to translate a part, send us that part to avoid any confusion and also save time.
  2. Check that that text has not been translated before. If you send us a text that we previously translated, we might realise this and tell you, but maybe not. If it is a new version of a text we translated in the past, let us know. If possible, tell us when we translated it. We will do our best to make use of the previous translation and reduce the price of the new translation in the process.
  3. Let us know if there are parts that are repeated in the text you send us for translation. We will look at it to try and offer you additional discounts.

In general, everything indicated in the section on how to reduce lead times for a translation usually helps to lower the price.